Right-To-Work Comes Under Attack at Lafayette Forum

Dec 12, 2011

Right-To-Work legislation is expected to be proposed during Indiana’s upcoming General Assembly session.

However, union groups and others are pushing back against it.

Becky Smith with the state AFLCIO attended a forum on the subject Sunday in Lafayette.

She says preventing Right-To-Work is about more than just wages and salaries, it’s a civil rights issue.

Electrical Union Member Brent Green says the proposed legislation will be detrimental to most Hoosiers.

He says implementing such a law will bring down wages and benefits for not only union employees, but also non-union workers who base their pay on what unions negotiate.

Right-To-work legislation bans companies and unions from negotiating a contract that requires non-members to pay fees.

There are currently 22-states with that type of law in place.

The issue was discussed during Indiana’s last legislative session and resulted in Democrats walking out for several weeks.

The new session begins January 4th.