Secretary of State Says Thousands Of Voter Registrations Have Been Changed

Oct 18, 2016

It's the latest salvo in a fight between Connie Lawson's office and a group called the Indiana Voter Registration Project.
Credit Noah Coffey /

Thousands of Hoosier voters’ registration information has been changed – leaving many unsure if they’re still registered.

Secretary of State Connie Lawson’s office received complaints from voters who couldn’t find their registration information or discovered that information had been changed.

That includes changes to first names and birth dates.

Lawson’s office says it discovered thousands of records have been altered and has passed that information onto the State Police for an investigation of possible voter fraud.

Secretary Lawson urges voters to check their registration and, if unable to find it, contact their local county clerk.

Lawson advises that voters whose name or birth dates were changed can still vote in November’s election – birth dates are not used to verify voter identity and Hoosiers can submit a name change at their polling place.

Secretary of State spokesperson Valeria Warycha  says they “can’t jump to the conclusion” that this case of potential voter fraud is connected to the Indiana State Police investigation into possible voter fraud by a group called the Indiana Voter Registration Project.

That investigation found some voter registrations with incomplete or inaccurate information. That group has since accused Governor Mike Pence and the State Police of suppressing voter registration.