Senate Committee Approves Bill To Expand Feticide Law

Jan 23, 2018

Indiana could join more than 20 other states in allowing prosecutors to file murder charges if a person kills an unborn fetus regardless of its viability.

Current law says a person commits murder if they knowingly or intentionally kill a viable fetus. But when Jennifer Lee’s daughter was shot and killed last year, she lost her unborn child. And Lee says for the death of that fetus, prosecutors could only file aggravated battery charges against the killer.

“Because these babies are not old enough to live outside of the womb, it does not mean they are not planned, loved, and already have imprints on many hearts around them,” Lee says.

The bill specifically excludes legal abortions – and an amendment made it clear women who perform their own abortions would not be subject to the measure either.

Indiana resident Brandalynn White says that’s not good enough to erase what she views as the bill’s concerning message to women who face miscarriages.

“Hoosiers facing miscarriages should be supported and cared for, not made suspects in a crime,” White says.

The Senate committee approved the bill 8 to 1, sending it to the floor.