Senate Sends Abortion Bill, With Baby Box Amendment, To Governor

Mar 8, 2018

The bill authored by Sen. Travis Holdman (R-Markle) creates a long list of abortion complications that must be reported to the state.
Credit Lauren Chapman / IPB News

The Senate sent legislation to the governor Wednesday to impose new abortion reporting requirements on all doctors and hospitals across the state.

The bill creates a long list of abortion complications. That list ranges from blood clots and cardiac arrest to anxiety and sleeping disorders. And the legislation says if a woman has ever had an abortion, and suffers one of those complications, any doctor or hospital that treats her must report that complication to the state.

Proponents argue the bill ensures patient health and safety. Sen. Jean Breaux (D-Indianapolis) sees it differently.

“It’s basically an onerous and egregious violation of a woman’s privacy,” Breaux says.

The bill also mandates yearly inspections of all abortion clinics. The state doesn’t require yearly inspections of hospitals.

And the measure expands Indiana’s baby box law. Baby boxes are meant to provide mothers a more anonymous way to drop off unwanted newborns.

The state last year allowed the devices in hospitals; the expansion allows firehouses staffed 24-7 to install them.