South Bend Police Shooting Sparks Investigation

Jun 17, 2019



The fatal shooting of a black man by a South Bend police officer has triggered an independent investigation and prompted Mayor Pete Buttigieg to abruptly return from the campaign trail.

According to the St. Joseph County Prosecutor's Office, a South Bend police officer shot 53-year-old Eric Logan early Sunday morning while responding to a call about a suspect stealing from cars. The prosecutor's office says Logan approached the officer with a raised knife.

At a press conference, Buttigieg and other city officials say they’re awaiting an independent investigation from the county’s homicide unit before releasing any specific information about the incident.


“In the meantime, I know that there is tremendous hurt that can come about. That the city will be hurting,” Buttigieg says.

Logan’s wife, Shafonia Logan, says she has doubts about what the prosecutor’s office says happened and wants to see justice.


“As long as we’ve been married and as long as I’ve been knowing him - over 30 something years - I’ve never seen him resist an officer," she says. "Never.”

The family announced a vigil will be held near the site of the shooting Monday night at 8 p.m.