State Budget Writers Have Less Money To Work With After New Forecasts

Apr 17, 2019

Indiana budget writers will have about $100 million less to work with than previously anticipated.

A new revenue forecast unveiled Wednesday will help determine what Indiana’s new state budget will look like.

The forecast predicts Indiana will collect about $33 million less over the next two years than the last forecast – from December – projected. Combine that with more money needed for Medicaid and state lawmakers have $100 million total less to work with than they previously thought.

Republican budget architect Sen. Ryan Mishler (R-Bremen) says that forces some difficult conversations.

“We have to sit down and see, you know, the priorities of the caucuses and the administration and see what we’re willing to cut out, basically," Mishler says.

House budget architect Rep. Todd Huston (R-Fishers) says the sides aren’t far apart.

“We’re all aligned," Huston says. "We want to provide the best possible services to the most needy of our population but find the appropriate way to do it within costs.”

Lawmakers have until April 29 to pass a new state budget.