State Cautions Hoosiers About Insurance Coverage Of Fireworks Damage

Jul 3, 2019

The Indiana Department of Insurance is warning Hoosiers this Fourth of July season that some insurance policies don’t always cover fireworks damage.

Counties and municipalities often make their own laws for what types of fireworks people can set off, and when. And Department of Insurance Deputy Commissioner Jenifer Groth says some insurance policies won’t cover damage if people don’t follow those rules.

“Because there are so many variations in policies, what the department encourages consumers to do is to make sure that they read their policy to find out what is and isn’t covered," Groth says.

Groth says, to be safest, people should just attend public fireworks shows put on by professionals. And she says if Hoosiers feel they’re being treated unfairly by their insurance company, they can submit complaints to the department.