State Releases New ILEARN Sample Questions

May 21, 2018

The State Department of Education (IDOE) has released sample questions for Indiana’s new standardized test that rolls out next year.

Elementary and middle school students will first take the state’s new ILEARN assessment in Spring 2019, and the sample item release offers a first look at the new exam created with test-writer group American Institutes for Research.

High schoolers will continue taking the state’s current test, called ISTEP, at least through next year, as the state figures out how to implement new graduation pathway requirements.

ILEARN will be shorter than the ISTEP, by an average of two hours per section. Fewer sections will be timed as well, while more of the exam will be available on a computer. The state also plans to turn around individual student results more quickly; IDOE says by 2020 it aims to have individual student results ready in less than two weeks after testing is complete.

For more information on accessing ILEARN sample questions: