Study Analyses Perception Of Opioids Versus Other Medications

Aug 17, 2018

Recent analysis studied the perceptions of participants involved in a landmark study that found – for chronic pain – opioids may not be more effective than other pain medication like ibuprofen.  

The title of the new paper includes the statement, “I Was a Little Surprised.”

Marianne Matthias is an investigator at the Regenstrief Institute in Indianapolis, and co-authored the report. She and says the title is apt.  

"It really does capture the sentiments in both directions of people in the study," Matthias says.

Matthias says the new analysis found most people in the larger study believed opioids would be more effective and were surprised they found relief from other medications.  

"I think it opened up the world of options for some of these patients, to realize you know what maybe there are options that can help me that aren’t opioid," says Matthias. 

In 2015, Indiana providers wrote about 5.8 million opioid prescriptions. The new study was recently published in the Journal of Pain.