As Super Bowl nears, greater push for IN human trafficking changes

Jan 26, 2012

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller is calling on the General Assembly to get a human trafficking bill passed in time for the Super Bowl, February 5. 

A bill closing gaps in Indiana’s human trafficking laws has been on a fast track through the Assembly.  The Senate passed it unanimously, but it’s been held up by unrest in the House.  Now, with Super Bowl festivities arriving in Indianapolis, Zoeller is urging the legislature to act quickly.

He says even though some traffickers may have already gained a foothold because of the legislative delay, there’s still plenty that can be done.

“We’ve already been working up to this.  We do need the legislation to pass so that prosecutors will be able to make these charges stick.”

Zoeller says the traffickers are only one end of the problem.  He’s working with community leaders, such as Indianapolis Colts player Jeff Saturday.  Saturday says a change in culture is needed.

“Men have to be the ones who end this.  We’re the ones who are funding it, we’re a part of it and it’s going to take men to stand and want to stop it to really make change.”

The earliest the human trafficking bill could be signed into law is Friday, if no changes are made to it in the House.