Survey Shows Teacher Support For Mandatory Cursive Writing

Oct 30, 2017

A report from the Indiana Department of Education shows the majority of teachers surveyed support mandatory cursive writing in elementary school.

The survey went out to teachers, superintendents, principals and governing board members.

It was prompted by legislation from State Senator Jean Leising (R-Oldenburg). The survey asked if the person supports or opposes the mandatory instruction of cursive writing.

Out of about 3,500 teachers surveyed, 72 percent say they support it. Support from superintendents, a much smaller but more influential group, came in at 33 percent.

Leising says she’ll introduce a bill during the 2018 session that would require cursive lessons across the state. But it isn’t the first time – Leising has introduced a similar bill every year for the last six years, and it’s never gotten through the General Assembly.

This year she says she’ll use the overall positive survey results as leverage.

Leising says cursive is important because people use it to make purchases, validate drivers’ licenses and sign agreements.