Turkey Expected To Cost More Compared To Thanksgiving 2013

Nov 11, 2014

Credit Tim Sackton / https://www.flickr.com/photos/sackton/

Be prepared to spend more on that Thanksgiving turkey this year.

Wholesale prices of turkeys are expected to be 8-10 percent higher than last year--the result of higher feed costs following the drought of 2012.

Purdue University agricultural economist Corrine Alexander says the actual price you pay will vary depending on whether you purchase whole or turkey parts; frozen or fresh birds; fresh, precooked or complete turkey meals.

"Last year a wholesale turkey cost about $1.05 per pound," says Alexander. "This year it's forecast to be between $1.12-$1.16 a pound. That's a substantial increase in terms of wholesale turkey prices."

What about other Thanksgiving Day favorites?   

Cranberry producers are expecting a very good crop, with prices expected to remain at the same levels as last year.

There will also be a good supply of sweet potatoes.

But with strong demand, prices are expected to be about the same or slightly higher than last year.