Two Indianapolis Organizations Team Up for Tech Jobs

Jun 25, 2019

Two Indianapolis-based organizations are teaming up to lure former Hoosiers back home with high-paying jobs. T-Map and Tech Point hope their efforts will stop the tide of qualified tech workers leaving the state.

The two companies say they’ll offer a fast track to employment for high-paying jobs in Indiana startups that have been hard to fill.

The founder of T-Map, Bill Oesterle, says they’ll work with TechPoint to understand the needs of companies and pair them with former Hoosiers who have the skills to match those needs. 

"So now, it becomes company specific recruiting all the way down to – I have a job that's open, I have a candidate that's ready to go," he says. 

A Brookings Institute study noted that Indianapolis has one of the nation’s fastest growing technology sectors, adding 5,000 new jobs between 2013 and 2015.