UAW Bashes Todd Young For Auto Bailout Criticism

Sep 8, 2016

UAW training representative Jim Bewley speaks at a press conference criticizing the 9th District Rep. for opposing economic stimulus funding to American auto companies.
Credit Brandon Smith / Indiana Public Broadcasting

The United Auto Workers union is criticizing Republican U.S. Senate candidate Todd Young for his past comments on the auto industry bailout.

UAW officials gathered in three union halls around the state Thursday to publicly attack Young.

The events coincide with a new ad from the Evan Bayh campaign. Both criticize Young for comments he made during his first congressional run in 2010, calling the federal auto industry bailout a “waste.”

And UAW representative Jim Bewley says those comments, along with other stances Young has taken – including his past support for the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal – are why the union won’t support Young.

“All you have to do is look at his stance on increasing the minimum wage and Mr. Young does not support the American worker and his actions have proven that in the past,” Bewley charges.

Young voted against legislative language to raise the federal minimum wage.

In a statement, Young campaign spokesman Jay Kenworthy calls Evan Bayh a “rubber stamp” for President Obama on bailouts and Obamacare.

And Kenworthy says Young speaks out on behalf of Hoosiers.