As UAW Strike Continues, GM Drivers To Be Affected By Lack Of Replacement Parts

Oct 8, 2019


Many General Motors customers are feeling the effects of the United Auto Workers strike when it comes to getting their vehicles fixed. Options can be limited for some customers, depending on the parts they need to get their vehicles fixed.


Mike Smith is the body shop supervisor at Fox and Fox Frame Service in Fort Wayne. He says the strike is affecting the mechanical side of the shop, because getting official GM replacement parts is getting harder. 

He also says getting a hold of car body replacement parts, such as frames or bumpers, which are usually ordered as needed to be replaced, is becoming a concern the longer the strike carries on. 

Because insurance companies dictate what needs to be fixed on vehicles and what parts can be used, Smith says fixing a car will become a headache due to wait-times and parts availability if the strike continues. He says customers definitely need to keep this in mind when making decisions about their vehicles. 

“If it’s drivable, don’t take it apart and hope you’re going to get the parts. Definitely check to see if the parts are available first before you disassemble it,” Smith said. 

The UAW strike against GM began on September 16. GM and UAW officials are still negotiating.