UAW Sues GM Over Temp Workers In Fort Wayne

Jan 3, 2019

Officials at the General Motors Assembly plant in Fort Wayne responded Thursday to a lawsuit filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Ohio stemming from the use of temporary workers.

The United Auto Workers sued GM for the use of temporary workers at the Fort Wayne truck assembly plant while a number of eligible union members stand to lose their jobs through planned plant closures later this year.


In November, GM announced plans to shutter five factories and lay off thousands due to declining passenger car sales. One of those plants slated for closure is in Lordstown, Ohio, where there are nearly 700 workers eligible for transfer through the union.


According to the lawsuit, "many" of those workers have applied to transfer to Fort Wayne's assembly plant.


GM Fort Wayne spokeswoman Stephanie Jentgen stated in an email that the number of temporary workers at the plant fluctuates as needed. She said the company started the process of transferring a number of Lordstown employees to Fort Wayne, with about 35 expected to be in place by the end of the month.


The UAW wants a judge to declare GM in violation of the collective bargaining agreement, and to transfer eligible employees to the Fort Wayne plant, according to court documents.