WBAA Arts Spotlight: Wolf Park

Dec 7, 2016

Brothers Wolfgang and Wotan at Wolf Park
Credit Monty Sloan

Wolf Park is nestled two miles north of Battle Ground, a small town about 12 miles north of Lafayette. The park is dedicated to behavioral research, education and conservation.

John Clare spoke with Katy Judd, event coordinator at Wolf Park, about the organization and the upcoming Santa at Wolf Park.

This year’s holiday program will take place Saturday December 17th from 1 to 4pm. Santa is scheduled to arrive around 1:15 - how he arrives is a mystery: previously coming by dog sled, on horseback, by convertible, and in a helicopter.

Families are invited to celebrate the holiday season with the wolves. Children are welcome to help staff and volunteers decorate small evergreen trees with wolf-edible treats such as hot dogs, spam, and spaghetti. When Santa arrives, the guests can watch the excitement of the wolves and children as the “edible trees” and other treats are distributed amongst the wolves.