What's New 7/3 Preview

Jun 23, 2016

Starting Sunday, July 3, a new program debuts: What's New. Host John Clare will feature new music, new releases, and interesting guests. Hear a special preview of What's New, and let us know what you think.


Joan Tower & John Clare
Credit Composing Thoughts

Joan Tower, on our first episode, Colors, also shares about her solo viola work, Wild Purple.

Wild Purple, which is a kind of a viola joke...as you know – violas are the brunt of many jokes. I think of the viola as purple, and in fact I just wrote a viola concerto called Purple Rhapsody, which just got premiered [in November 2005]. So purple is traveling around with some of the violas of the world. You don't think of the viola as wild. So that's kind of – my attempt was to write a kind of virtuosic viola piece, and to counteract this notion that violas can't do anything.”

What's New airs Sunday nights from 10pm to 12am on WBAA Classical on 101.3FM starting July 3rd, and online at WBAA.org.