What's New Serebrier Preview

Jul 27, 2016

Maestro Jose Serebrier
Credit Clive Barda

A new program airs Sunday nights on WBAA Classical: What's New. Host John Clare features new music, new releases, and interesting guests. Hear a special preview of this week's What's New, and let us know what you think.

 Jose Serebrier is an internationally respected conductor and composer. We'll speak to him about his artistry and some new recordings. Serebrier remembers some of his teachers:

“Szell was one of the last of the ‘dictator’ conductors. He was a real taskmaster – this was in the time still when the unions didn't tell the conductor, ‘you have to treat the musicians like your colleagues or better.’ Szell could say things to the orchestra like, ‘Go home and study. Today you can't do it.’ Szell was that way with everybody around him. So I was very surprised when his will was read and I received his piano. It was amazing. He was a great man. But it was from Stokowski that I learned the most. First, when he played my First Symphony, it was a great lesson in everything. But he learned it in no time at all and conducted it. And then a few years later, he premiered my Elegy for Strings in New York but I didn't get to hear it. I was in Minneapolis and I couldn't afford a trip to New York. I was 19 at the time.”

Enjoy this selection that Serebrier calls one of his favorites:

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