While In Indiana, Ted Cruz Criticizes Donald Trump's Foreign Policy Ideas

May 2, 2016

Credit Gage Skidmore / https://www.flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/8571618966

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is challenging Donald Trump's foreign-policy credentials as the Indiana primary draws closer.

Both Cruz and Trump have touted a bombs-away approach to ISIS, with Cruz saying he'd like to find out "whether sand glows in the dark" and Trump saying he'd "bomb the ---- out of them."

Cruz says Trump’s answer to a foreign policy question only makes matters worse.

“He said he had a plan for ISIS, he’s just not going to tell us. That’s almost word-for-word what Obama says. Obama stands up and says, ‘We don’t have a strategy on ISIS,’” Cruz says. “Well, Donald Trump and Obama have the same non-strategy: the secret plan to win that’s so double-super-secret that he’s not going to tell anybody.”

He charges Trump's rhetoric doesn't match the rest of his positions, including a call to pull out of NATO.

Cruz argues ISIS would celebrate a withdrawal as an American cut-and-run from defending Europe.

He also questions Trump’s stance on Israel.

“Let Donald stand up and explain why he believes we should cut the military aid to Israel,” he says. “That’s what he’s advocated – that we should make Israel pay big-time. I think that’s profoundly misguided.”