Young Democrats Talk Faith In Politics At National Convention In Indianapolis

Jul 18, 2019

Young Democrats say faith in politics is a critical tool in the path forward for their party and the country.

That was part of the discussion Thursday at the Young Democrats of America national convention in Indianapolis.

Jamal Abdulrasheed is an attorney and a campaign organizer in Indianapolis. He says people should transition away from evoking faith to implement restrictive policies.

“And instead using it as a tool, using it as a tool to create more understanding,” Abdulrasheed says.

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Abdulrasheed says some of that involves pushing back within one’s own faith community. Tatjana Rebelle is a Wayfinder fellow and found of VOCAB, an art and activism project in Indianapolis. She also works for a Quaker organization and says progress through faith also requires people to get outside their bubbles.

“If you are only surrounding yourself with the same type of people and only hearing the message of the same type of people, you will get nowhere in life,” Rebelle says.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who has used reclaiming faith in politics as a core message of his presidential campaign, is speaking at the convention.