Youth Survey Finds Vaping, Tobacco And Drug Use Down

Aug 25, 2017

An annual survey of Indiana teens finds the use of tobacco, vapor, alcohol and drug use on the decline.

This year the 27th Youth Survey from the Indiana University’s Indiana Prevention Resource Center analyzed answers from more than 126,000 Hoosier students – sixth to 12th grade – at 409 schools around the state. The questions cover issues ranging from use of various drugs to gambling and mental health.

The study first included the use of electronic vaping products two years ago and has found a steady decrease in the number of teen’s vaping every year.

Research associate Carole Nowicke says this could be due to changes in the law.

“The FDA started regulating electronic vapor products and then the state passed laws that you can’t sell electronic vapor products to people under 18,” Nowicke says.

Nowicke says the report provides a snapshot of youth drug that community groups can use.

“That way they can go to their schools and they can see what kind of problems they want to address,” says Nowicke.

The report also analyzes social behaviors to determine if where a young person lives impacts risks.

“You know being in homes where there are a lot of arguments or having very poor grades, or having friends that all have poor grades,” says Nowicke.

This year’s survey is a convenience sample, meaning schools wanted to participate.  The center conducts a random sample every other year.