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Each week, WBAA's news team chats with the mayor of a West Central Indiana community on Ask The Mayor. It's a discussion about the most pressing civic and social issues of the day and a chance to let citizens get to know their elected leaders a little better.

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Ask The Mayor airs live Thursdays at 12 p.m. on WBAA News (AM 920 and 105.9 FM) and is rebroadcast the same evening at 7.


This week on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor, we continue our discussion with area leaders on coronavirus. How does West Lafayette plan to handle potential outbreaks? What are the contingency plans for city agencies and employees? How can citizens stay informed, stay safe, and avoid alarm?

This week in our talk with West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis, we’ll discuss this week’s city council vote on the West Lafayette Downtown Plan. What’s next for downtown, and what concerns remain? Why is park space so important?


This week on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor: as the coronavirus response ramps up on a national level, what are local governments and health departments planning in case of an outbreak? How does a city prepare its citizens if and when the coronavirus hits close to home?

In our talk with Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton, we’ll discuss the five-year plan for the Montgomery County Child Care Task Force. What does the future of childcare look like for the city’s employers and employees? And how can Crawfordsville act as a model for other communities? 

courtesy City of Frankfort

This week on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor, a departing mayor looks back on his two terms and two months in office.

We’ll have our final monthly conversation with Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes, whose last day in office is next week. As McBarnes prepares to end not only his time as mayor, but his time in Indiana, what does he see as his biggest successes and his biggest regrets—and what does the future hold in his new home, Wyoming?

We’ll talk about this weekend’s upcoming caucus for McBarnes’s successor, and where he thinks the next mayor's priorities should lie. 

Stan Jastrzebski / WBAA News

This week on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor, another distribution of KKK flyers in a Lafayette neighborhood has a listener asking for real action from city leaders. But what measures can be taken to assure residents they’re being heard—and that Lafayette isn’t the type of place where this will continue to happen?

In this week's talk with Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski, we’ll discuss the results of last month’s climate change town hall. What solutions did citizens propose, and which of them does the city plan to carry out? When does discussion turn to action? 


This week on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor, wintry weather impacts school delays and closures—and now, officially, where some West Lafayette residents can legally park their cars. How does the city decide when it’s time to tow a vehicle or salt a road? And how can residents adjust to inclement weather that doesn’t usually appear on a schedule?


Crawfordsville starts a new year with a third-term mayor who says he won’t be letting up on plans for the city’s enhancement any time soon. What does Crawfordsville’s continued transformation look like—and what’s on top of the priority list?

This week in our talk with Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton, we’ll discuss this month’s State of the City address, and the mayor’s small, medium, and large goals for both 2020 and his new term. How will he keep positioning the city as a place where innovative ideas work?

courtesy City of Frankfort

It’s the start of a new year in Frankfort, with new members of city council and some new hires in key city positions on the way. How does a mayor embarking on his own third term manage these transitions?

This week in our talk with Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes, we’ll get a progress report on the ongoing construction of Frankfort’s Prairie Creek Park. How do initiatives like Prairie Creek Park and—at the moment—a seasonal ice skating rink bring people downtown, and what are the year-round strategies to keep them there?


t’s getting harder for leaders of Indiana cities to predict how much their municipal construction projects are going to cost. A lack of trained workers in the state has left construction firms in high demand – and with the ability to charge rates much higher than in the past. So as the City of West Lafayette signs off on documents proclaiming its renovation of the Morton Center into its new city hall will cost $13 million, how much can those numbers really be trusted?


It’s been a year of raucous debate in Montgomery County – about wind farms, confined feeding operations and about the lawmakers who make the decisions. Much of it is separate from the workings of the city of Crawfordsville, but it has an effect on the way public discourse is conducted throughout the county.

This week, on our last Ask The Mayor program of 2019, we talk to Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton about the tone of those talks and about whether such business needs to be put to bed more quickly.

courtesy City of Frankfort

While Frankfort leaders are hoping to draw more people to the area this holiday season for winter festivities, they’re also faced with a problem: where all those people are going to park, especially as year-round residents get frosty about wanting to share those same spaces.

So on this week’s Ask The Mayor program, we’ll chat with Chris McBarnes about what his city’s remedy might be. Some cities have installed parking meters, while others, such as Lafayette and West Lafayette, have chosen more passive – but more costly – forms of enforcement.