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Each week, WBAA's news team chats with the mayor of a West Central Indiana community on Ask The Mayor. It's a discussion about the most pressing civic and social issues of the day and a chance to let citizens get to know their elected leaders a little better.

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Ask The Mayor airs live Thursdays at 1 p.m. on WBAA News (AM 920 and 105.9 FM) and is rebroadcast the same evening at 7.

Lafayette Mayor's Office

Some questions for Mayor Roswarski:

We did a story the other day on the Fowler mansion and it got me to thinking about how downtown Lafayette must have looked 100 years ago. And the only conclusion I could draw was that it was a more bustling place then than it is now, with more shops thriving, more pedestrian traffic, etc. What’s the long-term plan for getting downtown back to that sort of prosperity?

City of West Lafayette

Some questions for Mayor Dennis:

What’s the latest on the State Street project? I’ve seen little repairs here and there, but nothing that’ll compare to the scope of what the city is planning…

Now that city leaders have voted to become a Class 2 city, you’ve again got to redistrict, but it has to be done quickly, before the November election, right?

Courtesy Crawfordsville Mayor's Office

Some questions for Mayor Barton this month:

You weren’t optimistic last month about the future of Amtrak service, in part because several cities along the line didn’t intend to pay. In that time, both Indianapolis and Beech Grove have agreed to pay through the end of January. To what do you attribute that?

City of Frankfort

Some questions for the mayor on this month's program:

You and I spoke a couple weeks ago when the city pool was closed about some of the overhaul that was needed to make that facility safer. What’s the latest on those efforts?

You say in your latest 200-day plan you want to review the condition of aging police and fire facilities. Is it likely the city will have to rehab or replace several of those?

What kind of money does the city have in its capital projects budget to pay for updates to infrastructure?

Ask The Mayor: Lafayette's Tony Roswarski

Aug 14, 2014
City of Lafayette /

Some questions from this week's show:

There have been several armed robberies in the city this month. Is this just an anomaly or should residents be concerned about a rise of these types of crimes in Lafayette?

Since the last time you were here, it seems the future of the Amtrak line from Indy to Chicago has become more uncertain. What are your thoughts?

Has there been an increase in the homeless population in Lafayette? If so, why?

Are you happy with the development of businesses downtown?

City of West Lafayette

Some questions for the mayor on this month's program:

Since we spoke last month, it seems the mayors of the cities along the Amtrak corridor from Indy to Chicago have gotten noticeably more pessimistic about its future. Todd Barton told me two weeks ago on this program he thinks it’s dead in October. Is that now your thinking, too?

Your office is moving, at least temporarily, to Morton Center. Are you doing a site comparison between there and the mold-ridden city hall?

Courtesy Crawfordsville Mayor's Office

Crawfordsville’s mayor says he believes Amtrak’s Hoosier State rail line will cease operation in October unless the state – not just the cities along the route – kicks in more money.

City of Frankfort

A push by Frankfort’s mayor could help bring down blighted buildings in the city – but it might also force the people currently living in them to find a new home.

Chris McBarnes, speaking on WBAA’s “Ask The Mayor,” says letters will soon go out to as many as 20 landlords whose properties have been deemed unsafe by the city.

If those landlords don’t agree to a plan to refurbish them, the city may raze the property and evict any tenants. McBarnes says the city can’t do much more for those evicted than put them in touch with Frankfort’s landlord association, though.

Lafayette Mayor's Office

Some questions from this week's show:

Wednesday, the state said it wouldn’t honor the same-sex marriages performed last month. What’s the city’s position on that question?

You and John Dennis have advocated the creation of a single-entry agency which could help address homeless issues in Tippecanoe County. Where might you find the money that would be needed to pay for running such a thing? What do you think it’ll cost?

Does the city plan to change its fireworks ordinance to change the number of days (or the hours during the day) it's legal to fire them off?

City of West Lafayette

Some questions for the mayor this week:

You’ve been critical of Amtrak’s Hoosier State service, even as the city has helped subsidize its continued operation during the past year. This week, it was announced a private firm in Chicago, Corridor Capital, is the preferred vendor to operate the line starting in October. Is that any better, in your estimation, than Amtrak running the trains?