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Indiana wheat crop on the right track

A Purdue expert says Indiana’s winter wheat crop is healthy and right on track despite wet weather at planting time last fall.

Agronomist Herb Ohm says the acreage for wheat is slightly reduced, but in very good shape.

He says Indiana farmers planted about 430-thousand acres of winter wheat for 2012, compared with the nearly 460-thousand for 2011.

Ohm says the wet fall delayed planting a bit, but the mild winter has allowed the crop to grow.

But he says if the warmer–than-normal temperatures persist, it could also lead to higher incidences of foliar disease.

Ohm says one thing he *doesn’t* expect to be a problem is the Hessian fly, a pest that can severely damage winter wheat.

He says it is not a serious concern this year because most wheat in Indiana was planted late.