2015 elections

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Greencastle Mayor Sue Murray says she feels bittersweet as she wraps up her second and final term as mayor. After three decades of city involvement, Murray says it's time to move on.

"It's been a privilege, it's been mostly a pleasure, it's been challenging," Murray says of her time behind the mayor's desk. "I've grown a lot, I've learned a lot. I think the city is in a good place right now. And I can leave knowing that there was no more for me to be able to have taken out of myself and put into the job."

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Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton was unopposed in this month’s general election – usually a sign of a politician’s strength.

But it may also represent a high bar for him to clear in his next four years, especially as the city tries to make good on the promise of its Stellar Communities designation.

Today on Ask The Mayor, we find out from Mayor Barton whether he’s managing expectations about his next term in office.

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Indiana saw the highest voter turnout for municipal elections in recent memory during this month’s race, even though only 20.5 percent of all eligible voters made their way to the polls.

Because it was a municipal election, only about 60 percent of all registered people were eligible to vote -- about 2.7 million voters.

Angie Nussmeyer of the Indiana Election Division says in 2011, 15 percent al all eligible voters voted in municipal elections, and in 2007, only 14 voted. She says the number of contested mayoral races probably led to this year’s jump.

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Indianapolis Mayor-elect Joe Hogsett has ordered a top-to-bottom review of city agencies before his inauguration Jan. 1.

The review is a page from Greg Ballard's playbook -- Hogsett has even hired the same Indianapolis accounting firm which reviewed city government when Ballard was first elected in 2007. Crowe Horwath will report how many workers each department has, what projects are in progress, and what their priorities are.

City of Frankfort

In a May Republican primary and a November general election against a Libertarian challenger, Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes won overwhelming victories.

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At a Friday meeting to certify votes from last week’s municipal elections in Tippecanoe County, a Democratic candidate for West Lafayette City Council alleged widespread problems with the voting process.

Third District Democrat Joelle Jones, who lost a three-way race in her district, doesn’t dispute her outcome, but says she’s more concerned about the process.

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Indianapolis Mayor-elect Joe Hogsett (D) and outgoing Mayor Greg Ballard (R) are pledging a smooth transition from a Republican administration to a Democratic one.

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 More than a third of Indiana's contested mayoral races produced a change in party control.

In 75 cities, voters threw out 13 incumbent mayors and opted to switch parties in 14 more, headlined by Democrat Joe Hogsett’s victory in Indianapolis.

The G-O-P suffered a net loss of four City Halls. But the beneficiary wasn’t Democrats but Independents, who won in Southport, Delphi, Greendale and Mitchell.

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Independent Shane Evans has won Delphi’s mayoral election, garnering more votes than the Democratic and Republican candidate combined. The election makes the paralegal only the third Independent mayor in the state, after Bedford mayor Shawna Girgis and Mitchell mayor-elect J.D. England.

Evans says in a town such as Delphi, with fewer than 3,000 residents, he doesn’t think his party affiliation had much to do with the election results:

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Leadership of the City of Logansport will feature several new faces this term after five of six incumbents running for city seats lost to newcomers in Tuesday’s election.

Mayor Ted Franklin fell to Democrat Dave Kitchell and five city council seats will also be filled with non-returning candidates.

Kitchell says unlike in Lafayette, where Mayor Tony Roswarski was elected to a fourth term Tuesday, it’s uncommon to see a mayor stick around Logansport for long.