2020 session

This year’s legislative session went by quickly. If you haven’t been paying attention to energy and environment issues that came up, here’s what you need to know.

Republican legislative leaders say Indiana made huge gains in health care and education in the 2020 legislative session. But Democrats decry missed opportunities.

Health care facilities that perform abortions will now have procedures to follow for burying and cremating fetal remains based on legislation headed to the governor’s desk.

Bill To Raise Smoking Age To 21 Headed To Governor

Mar 12, 2020

Indiana’s legal age to smoke and vape will soon be 21, in alignment with federal law.

Hands-Free Driving Law Heads To Governor

Mar 11, 2020

Indiana is just the stroke of a pen away from becoming the 22nd state to ban cell phone use while driving unless hands-free.

A bill headed for Gov. Eric Holcomb’s desk would require schools to test for lead in drinking water. But a Purdue University professor says the bill won’t protect kids.

House Passes Health Care Transparency Database Bill

Mar 4, 2020

House lawmakers moved forward with a bill Tuesday aimed at increasing the transparency of health care costs in the state.

Houses Passes Bill To Extend Syringe Exchanges

Mar 4, 2020

Indiana’s syringe exchange programs are one step closer to staying open another year. The Indiana House passed a bill Tuesday that includes language to extend the programs.

A measure to restrict local governments from creating regulations on landlords passed out of the Indiana House Monday. That’s despite pushback from several hundred housing, legal and other organizations. 

The Indiana Senate Monday passed an amendment to prevent some medical facilities from seeing a reduction in reimbursements. The language came as an update to legislation on surprise billing.