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The Potential Impact Of So-Called Anti-Rioting Bills

Mar 29, 2021

The death of George Floyd last year spurred protests across the country and in Indiana in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Since then, some local governments have introduced what they call anti-rioting legislation. But some say these bills could be used to stifle the right to protest.

Gabe Pierce/Unsplash

A bill that would make a number of changes around law enforcement policy in Indiana has passed both the State House and State Senate, and is headed to the governor’s desk.

Today we talk to a reporter, state lawmakers and advocates about House Bill 1006, and learn how this bill could change the way officers interact with citizens. We talk about how representatives on both sides of the aisle came together to create the bill, and how it garnered wide support across the state.

Produced by Mariam Sobh.


Human Trafficking In Indiana

Mar 23, 2021
Hermes Rivera/Unsplash

What constitutes a hate crime and what are the signs of human trafficking?

Today we get updates from the leader of a local Asian American Pacific Islander organization about the series of shootings at three different spas in Atlanta and how Gov. Holcomb responded to the shootings.We also learn more about the discussion around when heinous acts get labeled a hate crime.

How Do Supply Chains Work?

Mar 18, 2021
Daniel Schludi/Unsplash

Last year products like hand sanitizer and toilet paper were in-demand, and photos of empty store shelves were going viral online. This year the focus is on getting COVID-19 vaccines to the public, and many of us may not be aware of the critical role supply chains are playing.

Today we learn about global supply chain management and the role it's played at the beginning of the pandemic and now, as vaccine rollout continues.

Produced by Tim Brouk.


Amrou Awaysheh

The Future Of Remote Working

Mar 16, 2021

It's been one year since the pandemic started, and a lot of Hoosiers are still working from home. Today we talk about how companies in Indiana have adapted, and how their workers have too.

We also learn why some companies say remote work might not be going away once the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

Produced by Drew Daudelin.

Underrepresented Groups At The Statehouse

Mar 15, 2021

A push for anti-bias training and the need for more representation has renewed efforts to make changes at the Indiana Statehouse. It all comes after Black legislators were booed by some Republican lawmakers during a recent debate on an education bill that some say is discriminatory.

Asian Americans And The Model Minority

Feb 19, 2021

In recent weeks, news surrounding the Asian American community has grown, from rising cases of hate crimes against Asian Americans to the coup in Myanmar.

Today we talk to Ellen Wu, director of the Asian American Studies Program at IU, about the Asian American community and the stereotypes around it. We find out where the concept of the Model Minority came from, and how it affects other communities.

Produced by Micah Yason.


Ellen Wu

Associate Professor, Indiana University Department of History

Plastic Waste And Recycling During The Pandemic

Feb 18, 2021

Issues around recycling and single-use plastic have gained attention since a number of grocery stores banned reusable bags out of fear that the surfaces could spread COVID-19. But some question the need to continue those bans.

Girls Rock Indianapolis

Feb 17, 2021
Courtesy of Girls Rock Indianapolis

Girls Rock Indianapolis is a one-week summer camp that teaches young musicians songwriting and how to play different instruments. Campers have that week to form a band, write a song and perform it on a Saturday showcase.

Today on All IN we talk to leaders at Girls Rock Indy to find out more about their hopes to build self-confidence, self-expression and social awareness in the campers. We also talk to one of the camp's young musicians about their experience, and the road to their performance at the end of the program.

Produced by Tim Brouk.

COVID-19 Update

Feb 4, 2021

Over 600,000 individuals have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in Indiana, with about 166,000 fully vaccinated. But the pandemic is far from over. Total COVID deaths in the state are approaching 10,000. And yesterday the Indiana Department of Health added nearly 1,500 confirmed cases to the state’s total.

The Uncertain Future Of The Indiana Daily Student

Jan 26, 2021

IU Bloomington's student-run newspaper the Indiana Daily Student has existed for over 150 years. Earlier this month, an editorial was published detailing the newspaper's financial situation, warning that the paper might not be sustainable. Since then, the university has said it plans to help.

The Friday Pitch-In

Jan 25, 2021

Indiana lawmakers took most of this week off, fearing of protests during Inauguration Day. And this year's State of the State Address was different this year, for a lot of reasons. Today we get updates on stories like this and more.

Improving Public Health In Indiana

Jan 21, 2021

Indiana ranks near the bottom of the country on the amount of money it puts towards public health.

Today on All IN we talk about the concept of public health, what Indiana could do to improve it across the state, and why it matters. We're joined by two researchers from IUPUI, whose new report details the impact these changes could have on Indiana.

Addiction And Substance Abuse During The Pandemic

Jan 20, 2021

Issues around addiction and substance abuse have worsened since the start of the pandemic.

The Friday Pitch-In

Jan 15, 2021

This was the first full week back for Indiana lawmakers since the beginning of the pandemic. They have a lot on their plate, from state debt to COVID-19 relief. And there are calls for protest around the country this Sunday, after the riot at the US Capitol and the President's impeachment. Today we get updates on these stories and more.