Area Plan Commission

courtesy Purdue University

Commercial solar power projects in Clinton County could need to meet new standards in order to operate, after the Area Plan Commission passed a solar power ordinance Tuesday.

APC Executive Director Elizabeth Stitzel says it was time to amend the county’s 2015 unified development ordinance with more detailed requirements. She says the new criteria will help mitigate what she calls a “free for all” approach.

Bike-Ped Map Adds Data To Tippecanoe County Anecdotes

Jul 11, 2017
courtesy Tippecanoe County Area Plan Commission

Tippecanoe County leaders will get a look Thursday at one of the first data-driven attempts at measuring cycling and walking in the community.

The Area Plan Commission will see a map showing more than 40 sites where volunteers have measured the volume of bikes and pedestrians.

APC Assistant Director for Transportation Planning John Thomas says it’s just a first step – more sites will still be surveyed – but it’s a way to keep lawmakers skeptical of building more bike-ped infrastructure engaged in the discussion.

MAP: Most Dangerous Intersections In Tippecanoe County

Dec 22, 2016
Charles Wagner /

Changing traffic patterns in Tippecanoe County have changed how dangerous it is to drive on some roads.

That’s the key finding from new data released by the Area Plan Commission showing which intersections experience the most fender benders.

It’s no surprise the roads with the heaviest volume of traffic top Tippecanoe County’s ranking of intersections with the most significant injury crashes.

Duplex project withdrawn

Oct 15, 2012

The company wanting to build a 178-lot duplex complex just outside of West Lafayette is withdrawing its request.

Scheumann Properties, LCC is no long moving forward with the project between Kalberer Road and County Road 500 North, which was scheduled for vote by the Tippecanoe County Commission, Monday.

The Area Plan Commission voted eleven to one in September not to support the proposal.

Neighbors in the area argued the type of project under consideration didn't fit with the makeup of the area.

Owners of a property along Northwestern Avenue are revamping plans for a development there.

Stadium Capital LLC wants to construct an apartment complex across from Mackey Arena that also will have retail space.

The Tippecanoe Area Plan Commission rejected the company’s initial proposal earlier this year because of concerns primarily regarding parking.

However, assistant director Ryan O’Gara says the new plans fall more in line with the area’s makeup.  He says the downsized project is a more attractive option for the site.

Tippecanoe prepares long term transportation plan

May 23, 2012

Tippecanoe County’s long term transportation plan is close to finalization.

The transportation committee expects to bring the document in front of the Area Plan Commission next month for approval.

Assistant Director of Transportation Planning John Thomas says this is the sixth update to the plan, which outlines projects through 2040, but says this one is more focused on pedestrian and bike travel.

There is more than $1.6-billion worth of projects identified in the plan.

Thomas says there is only about $138-million in guaranteed federal funds for them. 

County Considers Adding 160 Miles of New Trails

Feb 9, 2012


The update of Tippecanoe County’s long term transportation plan will include specific details for trail projects for the first time ever.

The goal is to add about 160 new miles for walking and biking.

Assistant Director for Transportation Planning John Thomas says making these types of plans are important because of how the community is evolving.

He says the goal is to construct the trails in a way that accommodates both the needs of pedestrians and motorists.

The Transportation Department is taking public input on the proposed trails.