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Global Matrix IV is a contemporary review of fine art printmaking in all media from around the world. This year’s exhibit presents a total of 96 images by 73 artists from 15 countries around the world. WBAA's John Clare spoke with Craig Martin, director of Purdue Galleries about the series.

John Clare

Melissa Resch is an international artist with roots in Lafayette. While primarily known for her painting, Resch is inspired by everyday objects and a plethora of mediums that range from watercolors, candleholders, key chains, and her newest genre, pottery!

She is the first Visiting Artist at the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette, and is featured in a solo show, Homecoming, at ART of Framing. Music Director John Clare spoke with Melissa about her art, teaching, and traveling.

John Clare

Lucio Bubacco is an artist from Venice, Italy who will be featured at Inspired Fire Studio and Gallery this weekend. There are two open houses on Thursday June 16, 4:00 - 6:00pm and Friday June 17, 6:00 - 8:00pm.

Sharon Owens joined Lucio in the WBAA studios to discuss his visit with Music Director John Clare.

  From rumors of a scandal between painter and model, to the art destruction in Nazi Germany, "Woman in Gold" has been regarded as a treasured piece in art history that has luckily survived to this day. But for the niece of the painting's subject, Adele Bloch-Bauer, the painting was a piece she knew belonged with her family and not in a museum in Austria. After a long courtroom struggle, Bloch-Bauer's niece finally retrieved the masterpiece and all the intriguing history that came with it.

In Rural Clinton County, A Nascent Art Scene Emerges

Feb 10, 2016
Charlotte Tuggle / WBAA

A buzz phrase in small Indiana communities the last several years has been “quality-of-life.” One group in Frankfort – a diverse town of 16,000 -- hopes to sustain an arts guild, just two years after the county’s first art gallery opened. Guild members say they’ll have to contend with inertia from the community if they want to survive.

Leigh DeNoon / Indiana Public Broadcasting

Just how long has Doris Myers been painting? Here's how she put it to the crowd of former students and admirers at the opening of her “Retrospective: 1930 to Present”:

“My first oil painting I did in my freshman year in 1935," Myers says. "Oh, do your math! It was a long time ago.”

At 93, Myers is one of Indiana's oldest working artists. She was born in November of 1921, just a year after women got the right to vote. She knew at a young age that she wanted to be an artist.

Syrian Expat Uses Art To Process War

Jan 16, 2015
courtesy Soulaf Abas

Making sense of war is hard to do. When that wasn’t working for expatriate Syrian Soulaf Abas in Terre Haute, she started making art – and making compassionate connections between kids on different sides of the world.

The Arab Spring revolution kindled Soulaf Abas’ hopes for democratic reform in Syria. But with the rest of the world, she helplessly watched it deepen into a brutal sectarian conflict that has exacted a terrible human toll.

Round the Fountain Art Fair

May 20, 2013

A Lafayette cultural event is celebrating 40 years. The Round the Fountain Art Fair is Saturday, May 25, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Tippecanoe County Courthouse. Juried event includes more than 90 artists from dozens of states showing and selling their work. Admission is free.

Jerry Tanner "Up-cycled Boxes and Bowls" exhibit

Dec 10, 2012
Mike Loizzo / WBAA Radio

An art exhibit in downtown Lafayette features the work of an unlikely artist – a teacher, who is turning his hobby of more than 30 years into gallery pieces.

Jerry Tanner is the first to admit he’s not really an artist, but thinks he does have some talent, which is evident in the bowls he creates.

“I’m trying to learn the artistic side of it. Colors and blending and doing things like that, I don’t know well at all.”

The Memory Factory

Jun 13, 2012

Purdue University Press is promoting a new book: The Memory Factory - The Forgotten Women Artists of Vienna 1900.

WBAA's Mike Loizzo talks with author Julie M. Johnson about the new book.

More information about the book is HERE