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Book Review: The Taiga Syndrome

Aug 30, 2019

Not many books can say they are of the "Metaphysical, existential, fairy-tale inspired, detective-mystery genre," however The Taiga Syndrome by Cristina Rivera Garza is one of those books. Filled with fascinating, philosophical curiosities and events that blur the line between fantasy and reality, this is a book unlike any other. West Lafayette Library Director Nick Schenkel has the review.

Book Review: A Murder Unmentioned

Aug 23, 2019

It's the winter holidays 1933, the hottest time of the year in a small town of Australia. However, the temperature isn't the only thing heating up as a local murder left unresolved for over a decade has new evidence. This brings our main character, Rowly, into suspicion, as his abusive father was the victim. Will Rowly and his brother prove his innocence? That's the question in A Murder Unmentioned by Sulari Gentill. West Lafayette Public Library Director Nick Schenkel has the review.

Anna Ridler

Monday, August 19th marks the opening of Ringel Gallery in Stewart Center with "Dreaming, Automated: Deep Learning, Data Sets, and Decay." The exhibit features artsist Anna Ridler and runs through September 27th. WBAA's John Clare spoke with Erika Kvam about the show.

Book Review: In the Valleys of the Noble Beyond

Aug 16, 2019

The Great Bear Rainforest is the largest intact temperate rainforest in the world. According to local residents, the mythical sasquatch is a well-known creature of the woods. Author John Zada compiles their stories and more into In the Valleys of the Noble Beyond. 

Book Review: End of the Megafauna

Aug 9, 2019

Could you imagine gorilla-sized lemurs, 500-pound birds, and giant lizards? This isn’t science fiction, it’s our natural history. End of the Megafauna explores the inexplicable death of the huge creatures that roamed the Earth at a time period that overlaps with our own human existence. Was it climate change? Did humans kill these massive creatures? West Lafayette Library Director Nick Schenkel has the review.

They are a group that have been performing since 1842. We’ll hear from maestro Bill Kisinger about Lafayette Citizens Band. Thursday night (August 8) is the final concert at Riehle Plaza with guests Organistan and Monday, September 2nd (Labor Day) is their 2019 season finale at Jefferson High School.

Book Review: Undeniably Indiana

Aug 2, 2019

A book for hoosiers about hoosiers. Undeniably Indiana is the first crowdsourced book of stories from Indiana residents about their "wacky and wonderful state." This well-written collection features nostalgic stories of basketball, unpredictable weather, and, of course, corn (P.S. don't ask who published this). West Lafaytte Public Library Director Nick Schenkel has the review.  

A young grad student is struggling to get by, but that all changes when she determines the subject of her dissertation. Even the finest historians have missed this story, and it will knock their socks off. She has discovered The Secret History of The Pink Carnation a fictional tale by Lauren Willig. West Lafayette Public Library Director Nick Schenkel has the review.



Star City Blues and Jazz /Facebook/

A rebirth of the late Uptown Jazz and Blues Festival will make its debut this weekend in downtown Lafayette. Friends of Downtown’s development of the Star City Blues and Jazz Festival could fill a void in the Lafayette festival scene.

Two years have passed since Greater Lafayette Commerce’s decision to retire two summer staples -- Dancing and Cruising in the Streets and the Uptown Jazz and Blues Festival.

The decision, still confusing to many, was not forgotten by members of the community.

Book Review: Beastie Boys Book

Jul 19, 2019

Pop Quiz: What band has released seven multi-platinum albums from 1981 to 2011, recieved three grammy awards, and had the first album of their genre to be #1 on the charts? If you said the Beastie Boys you are correct, and may be fascinated by the Beasite Boys Book. This  collaborative effort among the two living Beastie Boys, Mike D and Adam Horovitz, uncovers the history of the group with various other famous contributors giving their take on the legendary music group. West Lafayette Public Library Director Nick Schenkel has the review.