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The Mexican muralist Diego Rivera painted in New York City, San Francisco, Detroit, Europe and the Soviet Union. But some of Rivera's most famous murals and most unusual projects are found in Mexico City.

In Mexico City, Rivera did far more than just paint. He collected pre-Hispanic pottery and indigenous folk art. And he experimented with sculpture and architecture.

And between 1950 and 1952, Rivera built a giant tiled fountain to the Aztec rain god Tlaloc as part of an overhaul of Mexico City's municipal water system.

2011 Replayed In Iconic Photos

Dec 21, 2011

The pace of news is getting faster and faster — especially when a story can be captured in a single image. We were flooded with photos from the Middle East uprisings this year. And floods dominated the news, too; in Japan, Thailand, Vicksburg, scenes of high waters made a lasting impression.

It was a year of destruction and disaster — the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the back-to-back tragedies in Japan. But there were also the lighthearted events: a royal wedding and a good year for Ryan Gosling, if you know your memes, but we won't go there.

The video game "Star Wars: The Old Republic" is estimated to have cost Electronic Arts somewhere between $100 and $300 million to make. To put it into perspective Avatar, released in 2009 and one of Hollywood's most expensive movies, cost $237 million to make. Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, released in 1977, had a budget of $11 million.

So as "Star Wars: The Old Republic" went on sale today, there's been lots of buzz about what's at stake for EA. Reuters reports that the game is something different for the video game company:

Biscuits & Chocolate Gravy

Dec 20, 2011

Chocolate Gravy

2 cups whole milk
3 tablespoons unsalted butter
2/3 cup sugar
2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1/3 cup good-quality cocoa

Warm milk in the microwave until it’s steaming, about two minutes on high. Heat butter in a skillet over low heat. Add sugar, flour and cocoa. Slowly pour 1/2 cup of milk into the skillet and whisk well. Add another 1/2 cup and continue whisking, removing any lumps. Whisk in remaining milk, stirring constantly, until mixture is thick. This can take 5 minutes or more.

Quelque Chose performance

Dec 16, 2011

The trio Quelque Chose will perform music for violin, horn and piano Sunday (Dec. 18) at 2:30 p.m. in Lafayette's Duncan Hall.

WBAA's Jan Simon spoke with the group's pianist, Greg Kostraba, for more information on their program.

You can find more information HERE.

It was a truce called by the soldiers themselves at Christmas on December 25, 1914.  Amidst the slaughter and filth that was trench warfare during WWI, British and German soldiers themselves halted the war so that each could celebrate peace on earth and good will to men for one special day.

Also recommended: Silent Night: The Story of the World War I Christmas Truce by Stanley Weintraub

Lafayette Chamber Singers Holiday concert

Dec 14, 2011

Lafayette Chamber Singers is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.  The group will open a new season Sunday (Dec.  18) at 3 p.m. at the Unitarian Universalist Church in West Lafayette with the holiday concert “Owt of Your Slepe”.

WBAA's Jan Simon recently spoke with Clayton Lein,  the group’s Artistic Director, who provided a comprehensive overview of Sunday’s program, which spans several centuries and diverse musical cultures. 

It's standard practice for theaters to request that patrons turn off their electronic devices before a show begins, and common courtesy for theater-goers to oblige ... until now.

Some theaters have started to offer special "tweet seats" from which audience members can follow a play-by-play thread of information about a performance and share their own insights.

"To tweet or not to tweet is a question that many performing arts organizations have wrestled with [for] the past few years," says Chris Pinelo of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (CSO).

This interview was originally broadcast on April 20, 2011. The Cave of Forgotten Dreams is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.

In 1994, three French cave explorers discovered hundreds of prehistoric paintings and engravings on the walls of the Chauvet Cave in southern France.

Carbon dating has since shown that the depictions of rhinoceroses, lions, cave bears, horses, bison, mammoths and other animals are between 30,000 and 32,000 years old.