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The success of Indiana’s small regional airports ebb and flow in tune with the economy. Most airports have seen downturns in business and aero tourism the past few years, but they're also reaping the benefits that come from involved local sponsors and pilots.

“A lot of times, on a Saturday morning, pilots do what we like to call ‘go out for the $100 hamburger,’” says Putnam County Regional Airport spokesman J.R. Scott.

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Purdue Aviation has entered a deal with a regional commercial airline to start training pilots.

Students in the PSA Airlines Cadet Program would spend a year taking classes and accruing hours of flight time through Purdue Aviation, which is separate from Purdue University’s teaching core. At the end of the program, pilots would receive certifications.

Putnam County Regional Airport

The Greencastle airport hopes to reignite local aviators’ interest in flying – and their interest in the municipal airstrip – by taking part in a national program Saturday.  

The Rusty Pilots Program, sponsored by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), is aimed at pilots who have fallen out of practice and want to reenter the industry.


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From sun up to sun down, aircraft engines are rarely silent at Oshkosh. Most every flying machine imaginable is here – from World War One biplanes, to home built fixed wings and ultralights, to the newest, fastest, most technologically advanced jets.

“This is just the best place in the world to spend a week if you love aviation," says 1992 Purdue grad Chris Carrier. He flew commercially for Indy-based American Trans Air, was the chief jet instructor at Purdue for several years and is now a demonstration/instructor pilot for Embraer, a private jet manufacturer.

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Purdue Airport officials say despite a plan to expand the facility’s two runways, travelers shouldn’t expect regular commercial air service to West Lafayette any time soon.

Airport Director Betty Stansbury says the demand for flights isn’t likely to meet airlines’ needs, even if improvements are made. She says the runways are capable of handling those flights now, but the airport has a reputation for not being able to keep client airlines…

Biofuels in aviation discussed at Purdue

Jan 8, 2013

Purdue is hosting an annual event, with the focus this year on how to enhance the aviation industry.

The Indiana Biomass Energy Working Group is meeting to discuss the future of biofuels in planes.

Chad Martin is the Renewable Energy Specialist at Purdue.

He says it’s the first time in the event’s five year history looking at biofuels in aviation.