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State Republican Party Chair Tim Berry called Tuesday’s election “Ladies Night” as all three female GOP statewide candidates earned emphatic victories. 

A little after nine P-M Tuesday, Governor Mike Pence took to the stage at state Republican Party headquarters in downtown Indianapolis.  Speaking to a crowd already buzzing with positivity on a night that was shaping up to be big for the GOP, Pence told them it was a historic night.

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Arguably the most attention the Secretary of State’s office has received in the last four years was for the voter fraud scandal that ousted Charlie White, the Republican who won the seat in 2010.

Former state Senator Connie Lawson, R-Indianapolis, was appointed to the position two and half years ago.

Lawson is seeking re-election this year and says she’s not focused on Charlie White.

“From day one, my focus was to make sure that our office, the Secretary of State’s office was the most open, honest, responsive and accountable in the state,” Lawson says.

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Clerks across Indiana are waiting for word on whether the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling striking down the state’s gay marriage ban will again be stayed. But until then, they’re choosing on their own how to proceed.

In Marion County, Clerk Beth White – a supporter of same-sex marriage – nonetheless says she’ll wait for definitive word about what rights, if any, the decision gives her office.

She says she had to turn away one couple shortly after Thursday’s ruling was announced.

Democrat enters IN Secretary of State race

Nov 5, 2013

Marion County’s Clerk wants to hold a new, statewide office. Democrat Beth White is running for Secretary of State.

White admits her record as Clerk is not perfect, but says Marion County’s voting system is in better shape now because of her work.

She says she is particularly concerned with the state’s voter identification law, which she doesn’t believe will be repealed.  But she vows to have it changed, if elected.

White has served two terms as County Clerk. If elected as Secretary of State, she will be the first Democrat to hold the position in 20 years.