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Officials in Indianapolis announced they will be launching a plan to be more economically inclusive. The city hopes to reduce income inequality by creating more high-wage jobs.

Two Indianapolis Organizations Team Up for Tech Jobs

Jun 25, 2019

Two Indianapolis-based organizations are teaming up to lure former Hoosiers back home with high-paying jobs. T-Map and Tech Point hope their efforts will stop the tide of qualified tech workers leaving the state.

A recent Brookings Institute study on growing cities across the nation highlighted South Bend, Indiana, alongside Nashville, St. Louis, and Boise, Idaho.

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Samantha Horton

Indiana is the most manufacturing heavy state in the country – but a new report says the top of that list may not be the best place to be.

The Brookings Institution has found central Indiana is part of a national employment struggle. The Brookings study shows half of all jobs in central Indiana provide neither livable wages nor opportunities to grow in the industry.

Pre-K voucher program could cost IN $60M

Dec 31, 2013

One of Governor Mike Pence’s legislative priorities is passing a voucher-style pre-K program for four year olds. While there’s popular support for early learning among Hoosier lawmakers, it would not be cheap.

About 10,000 of the roughly 40,000 low-income kids who would qualify for state-funded preschool each year under Pence’s proposal are already enrolled in Head Start. And it’s unlikely that every one of the remaining 30,000 four year olds would participate, says Brookings Institute fellow Russ Whitehurst.