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How Indiana Could Achieve The New EPA Pollution Standards

Aug 19, 2015
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Indiana must reduce the carbon dioxide its power plants emit by about a third in the next 15 years.

The mandate comes as part of new Environmental Protection Agency rules President Obama announced earlier this month.

The rules require each state to put together a plan on how it will reach the new EPA goals. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Gretchen Frazee explains how that could work.

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Hydraulic fracturing -- fracking, for short -- has been an economic boon to such states as North Dakota. It's produced never-before-seen wealth in the form of the gas and oil released from rocks deep underground.

A new report from Purdue agricultural economists Wally Tyner and Farzad Taheripour estimates the industry could create as much as $300 billion in wealth for Americans every year through at least 2035.

A Purdue professor thinks the framework of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan is the right course of action. Dr. Maureen McCann is director of the Energy Center at Discovery Park.

She says addressing carbon emissions, preparing for climate change and leading international efforts are the right things to do.