Stan Jastrzebski / WBAA News

As college students leave their dorm rooms for the summer, they have to make a decision: take their things home or get rid of them? What’s left behind used to be pitched in a dumpster, but more campuses are taking steps to repurpose as much as possible. Officials at Depauw University in Greencastle estimate they may be saving as much as two-thirds of what used to be thrown away and getting it into the hands of needy families.

The Greater Lafayette community is being asked to raise $4.75 million during the United Way’s annual fundraising campaign this year.

Chairman Bill Olds says that goal was set based on feedback from business leaders and requests made by United Way agencies.

“Obviously, things don’t get cheaper, and they’re serving more and more people today. The agencies’ needs are not diminishing, at all.”

An area manufacturer is doing its part to provide shelter for certain households in Greater Lafayette.

Subaru of Indiana Automotive is teaming up with Faith Ministries and the American Red Cross to build the SIA Safe Haven Home.

Executive Vice President Tom Easterday says the facility will play an important role in the community.