Common Core educational standards

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The ISTEP panel that is developing a legislative recommendation for how to replace the state’s testing system heard from a slew of national testing experts Tuesday, who make the most specific suggestions to date.

City of Frankfort

So much in city government revolves around money. If a city is flush with it, almost magical things can happen.

If, like Frankfort and many other municipalities, a city doesn’t have enough, it has to choose which to refurbish: city parks or city hall.

On this week's show, we ask how Frankfort will make that choice and where it might get more cash to make the decisions easier.

Indiana education officials are trying to decide whether they should incorporate student test scores into teacher evaluations this year.

The U.S. Department of Education is allowing states to decide how test scores play into teacher performance ratings and many states are opting to wait another year before making any final decisions.

Many states are in a transition period when it comes to academic standards.

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Kindergarten teacher Twyla Flint is worried.

"We’ve been hearing about the discourse, the difficulties that they’ve been having through, you know, television and news reports over the last several months," she says.

Flint could be describing Congress. But she’s actually talking about a more local group: Indiana’s State Board of Education.

The group has a lot of influence over what happens in her classroom so Flint went to watch the Board meeting last Wednesday like it was some kind of traveling sideshow.

Group supporting Common Core releases new poll

Sep 30, 2013

The latest poll numbers paint a conflicting picture of support for the Common Core in Indiana. The State Board of Education adopted the nationally crafted academic standards back in 2010, but earlier this year state lawmakers voted to pause implementation pending a thorough review.

The latest numbers from pro-Common Core advocacy group Stand For Children show 68% of Hoosiers support the new standards. That’s the opposite of a Pence administration poll out earlier this month showing only 32% support Common Core.

A panel of state lawmakers tasked with reviewing the Common Core opened a formal debate Monday over which set of academic standards Indiana will use next. Proponents of the new standards testified the Common Core will prepare more students for college and career, while opponents of the nationally-crafted standards told lawmakers it is less rigorous than the standards Indiana had before. 

Hearing to address future of Common Core

Aug 5, 2013

Indiana lawmakers will hear testimony today on the state’s adoption of national school standards.

The Common Core State Standards are under fire from critics in both parties.

The hearing will include testimony from the Indiana Department of Education and from both supporters and opponents.

Effective August 12th, Indiana is withdrawing from a national Common Core testing coalition as state policymakers reconsider the national standards and tests.  

Expansion of the state’s school voucher program is headed to Governor Mike Pence.  The General Assembly passed the measure late Friday.

The House originally approved voucher expansion eliminating the requirement that recipients attend a public school for one year beyond kindergarten.  But the Senate balked at such a broad expansion.

Indiana is a step closer to taking a momentary break from implementation of the Common Core educational standards.  The state Senate Thursday passed legislation hold off on implementing the nationally-developed set of academic standards adopted in 45 states.

A group of state lawmakers want Indiana to abandon its implementation of the Common Core educational standards, adopted by the state Board of Education in 2010.  Common Core is a nationally-crafted set of academic standards adopted by 45 states.  Indiana has already begun implementation. 

Indianapolis parent Erin Tuttle says she and other parents have serious concerns about the quality of subject matter, particularly in math.  And she says because the standards were developed at a national level, she believes there’s a loss of local control.