City of West Lafayette

This week on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor, we’re digging into West Lafayette’s growing pains. One of the city's roundabout projects just won an award, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t complaints. And, the city is gearing up for several more development projects both downtown and near the local airport. So how does a city maintain – or shape a new – identity when so much of the past has to be torn down?

Chris Morisse Vizza/WBAA Radio

Lafayette residents can expect to see more large drainage pipe installed under city streets, and sewer customers can expect an increase in rates next year.

The Board of Public Works and Safety on Tuesday cleared the way for the city to embark on the third phase of its 20-year plan to upgrade sewer infrastructure and reduce the amount of untreated wastewater that flows into the Wabash River during heavy rains.

It's standard practice for theaters to request that patrons turn off their electronic devices before a show begins, and common courtesy for theater-goers to oblige ... until now.

Some theaters have started to offer special "tweet seats" from which audience members can follow a play-by-play thread of information about a performance and share their own insights.

"To tweet or not to tweet is a question that many performing arts organizations have wrestled with [for] the past few years," says Chris Pinelo of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (CSO).