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Registration fees at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles will decrease for more than two million Hoosiers next year as a result of legislation Gov. Mike Pence signed into law Thursday.

Pence says his administration has been working for years to correct errors and problems at the BMV.  Those issues have generated lawsuit settlements and overcharge repayments that exceed $100 million. 

Pence says a huge step forward in solving those problems is legislation that streamlines the agency’s fee and registration system.

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Two million Hoosiers would pay less at the license branch under a bill unanimously approved by the House.

The 431-page bill is the result of a two-year review begun after a class-action suit pulled back the curtain on millions of dollars in overcharges and undercharges.

Rep. Dan Forestal (D-Indianapolis) says the mammoth bill is a triumph of bipartisanship.

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Republicans in the House Roads and Transportation Committee Wednesday rejected an attempt by Democrats to remove all tax increases from the House GOP road funding plan. 

The Democrats’ amendment – offered by Rep. Dan Forestal (D-Indianapolis) – would have shifted all money from the sales tax on gasoline to road funding; only a small portion of that revenue source currently goes to roads. 

Indiana BMV

Legislation that drastically simplifies the Bureau of Motor Vehicles’ complex registration and fee system will likely advance with strong bipartisan support through the General Assembly.

Indiana BMV

Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles officials say the agency has made significant progress towards streamlining efficiency and improving transparency. 

An independent firm released a report on the BMV in May after systemic issues – including millions of dollars in fee over- and undercharges – were uncovered.  New BMV Chief of Staff Peter Lacy says the agency has already resolved some of the findings and implemented improvements, including the creation of an internal audit department.  Lacy says the bureau also addressed the 16 mischarged fees identified in the report.

Legislation aimed at helping recently-returned military veterans adjust to college is awaiting the governor’s signature.

The “Combat to College” bill requires Indiana public colleges and universities that enroll at least 200 former military service members to develop a centralized location for admissions, registration and financial aid for recent military veterans.