David Niezgodski

General Assembly Passes Two-Year Budget

Apr 25, 2019

Hoosiers now know what the state budget will look like for the next two years. It boosts funding for education, but schools with declining enrollment will still lose money.

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State lawmakers and small farmers appear to have reached a compromise over previously contentious legislation regarding who can sell chickens to restaurants and other institutions.

Currently, producers slaughtering 20,000 birds of fewer annually are limited to “household consumer” sales…that means they can sell through farmers markets, at roadside stands or directly out of their operations.

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Much of the final debate on the gaming bill revolved around the looming specter of a tribal casino that’s headed for South Bend.  The legislation is aimed at helping Indiana’s gaming industry remain competitive.

Toll Road Operator Given More Time To Find Buyer

Oct 29, 2014
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The company which operates the Indiana Toll Road has exited Chapter 11, but will continue to look for a buyer for the lease.

A Chicago bankruptcy judge gave final approval to I-T-R Concession Company‘s prepackaged bankruptcy. The reorganization gives the company 10 months to find a buyer. The Spanish-Australian consortium is eight years into a 75-year lease of the road.

The company would restructure its debt or line up new financing if it can‘t sell the lease.

Indiana Toll Road Operator Files For Bankruptcy

Sep 26, 2014
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Less than a decade into its lease, the operator of Indiana’s Toll Road filed for bankruptcy this week. Investment group Cintra-Macquarie paid 3-point-8 billion dollars in a 2006 deal to lease the toll road for 75 years.

While the state received the full payment up front, some are still worried the bankruptcy filing could still hurt Hoosiers.