Delphi Opera House

Delphi receives "Stellar" recognition

May 16, 2012

Delphi is one of two cities in the state being recognized as “stellar.”

Several Indiana organizations including the Department of Transportation and Community Development Authority picked the Carroll County community, as well as Princeton, for the second annual Stellar Communities Award.

Mayor Randy Strasser says the recognition and money that comes with it will serve as a tool for attracting and keeping businesses in Delphi.

More than 40 cities applied for the recognition, but only Delphi and Princeton were selected.

Delphi Opera House to undergo renovations

May 3, 2012

A Delphi facility that has barely been used for about a century is getting new life.

The Opera House is undergoing a series of renovations and is expected to begin hosting shows by 2016.

Advisory Board Chair Anita Werling says some of the work is already complete.

She says once totally complete, the Opera House will be able to seat about 200-people.

Werling adds having a modern Opera House is a building block for the community and region.