Ed Roeber

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The ISTEP panel that is developing a legislative recommendation for how to replace the state’s testing system heard from a slew of national testing experts Tuesday, who make the most specific suggestions to date.

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The panel creating the framework for a new state assessment is now considering a different timeline for the new test.

The 2015 General Assembly created the panel of educators, legislators and business leaders to create a list of recommendations for how to overhaul the state’s assessment taken in third through eighth grade, as well as one year in high school.

The law says the panel must have its recommendations in by December, but that may be revised.

Testing expert Ed Roeber consulted with Indiana when legislators left Common Core and made a new state assessment.

Claire McInerny / http://indianapublicmedia.org/stateimpact/

Two national testing consultants – hired through an executive order Gov. Mike Pence issued this week – presented five recommendations to the State Board of Education Friday of ways to reduce the length of this year’s ISTEP+ test.

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By Friday, a two-man team of educational testing consultants is expected to have revamped this year’s ISTEP tests.

Ed Roeber says it normally takes as much as two years to do the job he’s expected to do in just two days.

And as of Wednesday afternoon, he hadn’t even received the information he needed from the state to do the work.

WBAA’s Charlotte Tuggle talked with Roeber as he waited for state leaders to provide him with the raw materials he hopes to make into a better, shorter ISTEP exam.