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Former Indiana state school superintendent Tony Bennett will not be charged in Marion County for any ethical violations that occurred while he was in office. Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry says despite rumors to the contrary, all allegations against Bennett have already been addressed by the State Ethics Commission.

Former Indiana State Inspector General David Thomas investigated Bennett’s administration in 2013, after the Associated Press published emails revealing that Bennett used state resources for his failed 2012 reelection campaign.

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Proposed legislation this General Assembly sought to make kindergarten mandatory for Hoosier children by lowering the compulsory school age from seven to five.  It’s an issue that has lawmakers and educators split -- even as the state focuses on funding early education initiatives.

Count to 100 by ones.

Solve real-world problems that involve addition and subtraction.

Understand how a nonfiction book is organized.

Those are the some of the more than 60 skills five-year-olds are expected to learn now in Indiana’s public kindergartens.

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A bill that would fund more medical residency programs at Indiana colleges will come to a final vote before the Senate Tuesday, after some medical schools had trouble sending all of their graduates to residencies this year.

A hospital that establishes a medical residency program would match at least 25-percent of the funding given by the state.

House Ways and Means Chairman Tim Brown (R-Crawfordsville) says the start-up money for the fund is already available.

Schools Statewide Suffering Substitute Shortages

Mar 23, 2015
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Many school corporations say they’re now struggling find substitute teachers. It’s a trend in school districts across the county, but recent changes in the Hoosier education landscape make it a special challenge in Indiana.

Experts speculate that low pay, irregular employment patterns and poor training all contribute to the shortage of qualified substitute teachers.

Others argue the pool of candidates has shrunk because fewer college students today study to become teachers.

ISTEP Kerfuffle Could Lead Lawmakers To Scrap It

Feb 27, 2015
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The General Assembly passed the halfway mark of so-called “education session” this week, and so far state standardized testing has dominated much of the conversation. 

One bill that passed through the Senate during the first half of the session proposes doing away with the state-crafted ISTEP+, and perhaps moving toward using a national test.

With plenty of drama already over this year’s test – including timelines and test length – many see this as a common-sense idea.

Crawfordsville mayor's office

One of the key components of public service is communicating with one’s constituency.

In an era of multifarious electronic media, that job can be seen as either easier – because there’s so many ways to do it – or harder, because it takes additional time to meet everyone where they live in cyberspace.

We address how this phenomenon affects Crawfordsville on this week’s Ask The Mayor.

We also chat with Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton about a recent speech he gave to young men in his town, asking them to learn not just in the classroom, but about life.

Lawmakers Work To Fast-track ISTEP Overhaul

Feb 17, 2015
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The Indiana General Assembly is trying to speed up the process of approving changes for this spring’s ISTEP test. 

Late last week, the State Board of Education and Department of Education approved a handful of recommendations to shrink this year’s version of the test, which students can start taking in less than two weeks.

By law, those changes must get the okay from the General Assembly. In order to fast-track that process, two things happened in the House of Representatives Tuesday.

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Governor Pence is trying to use his authority to shorten this year’s ISTEP, after parents and educators shared concerns over the amount of time students will sit to take a test, which was set to more than double in some cases.

The Department of Education released timetables for this year’s ISTEP last week, and parents and educators immediately expressed outrage at the amount of testing.

Last year’s ISTEP required a third grade student to sit for five hours to complete the test, but this year, that increased to more than 12 hours.

ISTEP Stress Tests Living Up To Their Name

Feb 9, 2015
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If you’ve ever suffered from a recurring nightmare, you know how stressful it can be.

These dreams are often associated with feelings of terror and extreme anxiety. In some cases, the fear of reliving those circumstances can even become debilitating.

Ivy Tech

President Obama says other states should follow Ivy Tech Community College’s lead when it comes to connecting students to high paying jobs. 

The president traveled to Indianapolis Friday to tout his plans aimed at getting more people on the track to better wages.

During the event at Ivy Tech, Obama once again explained his plan to make two years of community college free.