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Political groups are pouring big money into school board campaigns in Indiana this year. These hotly contested elections help shape the future of education, but school boards make decisions that have a wide impact on their local communities.

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Libertarian candidate for governor Donald Rainwater announced his choice for education secretary Thursday.

Rainwater says that if he wins the election, he'll appoint Dawn Wooten to the post.


An average student in Indiana may have lost the equivalent of more than one year of learning during the pandemic’s first months when school buildings closed, according to one of the first studies projecting the coronavirus' impact on student academics.

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Indiana's final elected schools chief says that the 2020 election has a lot on the line, especially for education. But she has concerns about the future of the position of the state's top education official.

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This year's presidential campaign is unlike any other, and so far, that includes the debates between candidates. And it's prompting more questions and conversations in classrooms everywhere, including in Indiana.

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Schools are starting to take advantage of new flexibility from a law passed by lawmakers earlier this year, that allows schools to apply for waivers to bypass certain state requirements if they can prove it will benefit students.

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Indiana's data dashboard for school COVID-19 cases is now public, and the state's largest teachers union says it's a critical step to fight misinformation about what's happening in schools.

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According to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education's 2020 College Equity Report, college-going rates are down overall with persisting gaps among student groups for college enrollment and completion.


Many of Indiana's school leaders are grappling with tension in their communities as they consider how and when to bring more kids back into schools, but teachers say they're feeling more pressure than ever to manage classes in-person and online, as well as their own safety.

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More than $61 million in federal funding from the CARES Act is making its way into Indiana schools to support remote learning needs.

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Educators and their communities have pushed officials to publicly track COVID-19 cases found in schools, but one expert warns there hasn't been enough testing to make those numbers meaningful.

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An early learning nonprofit has awarded more than $13.1 million in grant money to child care and early learning providers around Indiana, to help them navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


The Indiana State Board of Education unanimously approved a proposal to maintain full funding levels for schools operating online this fall. School leaders and educators say it offers much-needed stability.

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The Indiana State Board of Education is considering a plan to protect funding for schools reopening virtually this school year, after a warning of possible cuts from lawmakers last month.

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An investigation by the Indiana State Board of Accounts into alleged fraud by two shuttered virtual charter schools found weaknesses in state code that make it difficult to ensure accurate student enrollment counts.