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Lawmakers backed off a proposal Monday that would have forced school districts to share referendum dollars with nearby charter schools.

Lawmakers: We Need More Data To Address Teacher Pay

Feb 11, 2019

Teacher groups and policymakers want more people to see teaching as a serious profession, and say increasing pay is part of the equation. And while lawmakers are working to address a host of teacher-focused issues, they also say a number of unknowns remain.

A new report from a group of educators and advocates says the state needs to invest millions of dollars to fully address issues with teacher pay, and has recommended action they say is vital to reducing Indiana’s teacher shortage.

Lawmakers proposed new rules for Indiana’s poorly-rated virtual schools after years of failing letter grades and calls for them to improve. A measure heard in a House committee Wednesday would help, but many say it’s just a start.

Indiana is getting millions of dollars in federal funding for early childhood education, and officials say it will help the state strategize to improve early learning programs and access.

Holcomb Proposes Ending Teacher Grants To Boost Pay

Jan 10, 2019

The governor’s recently released budget proposal aims to move around – and add some dollars – in the education mix, but some say it doesn’t do anything to help teachers.

One part of Indiana Republicans’ approach to increase teacher pay statewide is being met with a wave of concerns: teachers and other school advocacy groups say it could limit local control, and, doesn’t do much to ensure more money for educators.

Stanley Morales / Pexels

Nineteen West Central Indiana school corporations have received grant funding to assist them with collecting data and analyze the needs of their students.

With the grant’s help, schools must now establish how they would change current programs to improve mental health and/or keep students from doing drugs.

Lafayette School Corporation has been collecting data on student health after receiving money from the Lilly Endowment in 2017.

Kruse Proposes New Civics Test Graduation Requirement

Jan 8, 2019

A key lawmaker in the state Senate is proposing a new high school graduation requirement for Hoosiers.

Former Senate Education and Career Development Committee Chair Dennis Kruse (R-Auburn) is backing a bill to require high schoolers pass a civics exam before they can graduate.

Workforce development is a hot topic in Indiana, especially when it comes to education policy, but some professionals in the field feel wary of those efforts as they reach further into K-12 classrooms.