Indiana joins 11 other states in a legal challenge against the state of California over egg production regulations. California passed a law in 2015 requiring all eggs sold there to come from hens raised with room to stand up and fully stretch their wings.

Eggs are a multi-billion dollar industry for Hoosiers and Indiana produces the third most eggs in the country. The state exports about one to four percent of its eggs to California each year.

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Three prominent Hoosier farmers will be part of the agricultural advisory committee for the Trump-Pence campaign.

The Indiana-based co-chairs of Trump's agriculture committee represent three of the largest and most well-connected farm businesses in the state and the country.

Grocery Prices Begin Recovery From Avian Flu Spike

Mar 25, 2016
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After nearly two years of increases and a historic spike last fall, grocery prices have started to drop in Indiana.


That's according to the Farm Bureau's latest spring survey, which has looked at the price of a basic basket of groceries in spring and fall for nearly 30 years.


The survey adds up the average cost of a "market basket" of 16 items, including milk, eggs, meat and produce. This spring, that basket totals $52.61.

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The City Foods Co-Op in downtown Lafayette is the kind of place one can buy locally-sourced maple syrup or $7.00 jam.

It’s also where people such as Rashied Wallington go when they want to feel good about what they eat.

Wallington, who says he came in because he wants to support local farmers, says he supports large chains such as McDonalds making the switch to cage-free eggs.