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A student in a nutrition class makes a smoothie for a class assignment. (Justin Hicks/IPB News)

High school courses in areas like culinary arts and cosmetology could lose state funding if a budget proposal from Republican lawmakers passes. Educators worry thousands of students would miss career opportunities without the state support.

Indiana announced Wednesday it will soon open up a new emergency rental assistance program for Hoosiers in need.

Sen. Mike Young (R-Indianapolis) claims his bill is not about the Marion County prosecutor's decision not to charge people for simple marijuana possession. (Lauren Chapman/IPB News)

Some Indiana Senate Republicans want the state to take over prosecution of crimes that a local prosecutor won’t charge.

Legislation approved by a Senate committee would ban police in Indiana from firing warning shots. (Lauren Chapman/IPB News)

Police in Indiana would be barred from firing warning shots under legislation approved by a Senate committee Tuesday.

Critics of the rioting bill say it's an overreaction to the Black Lives Matter protests in summer of 2020. (Lauren Chapman/IPB News)

People involved in protests that turn violent would face new or harsher criminal penalties under legislation easily approved by the Indiana Senate Tuesday.

Several bills on the move during the 2021 legislative session are reactions to executive orders issued by Gov. Eric Holcomb during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Lauren Chapman/IPB News)

The governor’s authority to declare disaster emergencies would be severely restricted under legislation unanimously approved by a Senate committee Tuesday.

Chief Flannelly testifies in front of a House committee on HB1369

The Indiana legislature is considering a bill that would remove permitting requirements for carrying a handgun in public. 


Gov. Eric Holcomb and the Indiana Election Commission pushed back Indiana's 2020 primary election from May to June and expanded vote-by-mail to anyone who wanted it. (Brandon Smith/IPB News)

Indiana’s governor and Election Commission would be blocked from ever again changing how and when an election is conducted under a bill passed by a Senate committee Monday.

Rep. Jim Pressel's (R-Rolling Prairie) bill bans local governments and homeowners associations from shutting down stands – operated by someone under age 18 – that are selling nonalcoholic beverages. (Brandon Smith/IPB News)

Indiana lawmakers want to make sure local governments don’t ban children from operating lemonade stands. And there's a bill unanimously approved by the House and on its way to the Senate that does just that.

(Courtesy of Mike Schmuhl)

Former Pete Buttigieg presidential campaign manager Mike Schmuhl announced Wednesday he wants to be the Indiana Democratic Party’s next leader.

Ban On 'Defund The Police' Clears Senate Committee

Feb 8, 2021
The bill from Sen. Mike Bohacek (R-Michiana Shores) is a reaction to calls to “defund the police” seen across the country over the last year. (Lauren Chapman/IPB News)

Legislation that would tie the hands of local governments from shifting money away from public safety agencies easily passed a Senate committee.

Democratic and Republican candidates for U.S. Senate and governor must get 4,500 voter signatures to get on the ballot. Libertarians are not subject to that requirement in current law. (Justin Hicks/IPB News)

An effort to make it harder for Libertarian U.S. Senate and governor candidates to make it onto the ballot is likely dead this session.

Legislation debated in a Senate committee Tuesday would turn almost anyone who participates in a protest that turns violent into criminals.

State law sets the end of the legislative session at April 29. (Brandon Smith/IPB News)

Indiana legislative leaders say they’re preparing to come in for a special session later this year to redraw legislative district lines.

Indiana Black Legislative Caucus Chair Robin Shackleford (D-Indianapolis) discusses the caucus's justice reform agenda. (Screenshot of Zoom call)

The Indiana Black Legislative Caucus says it’s pleased with progress so far this session on its justice reform agenda.