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The first new school construction in the West Lafayette School Corporation in more than 50 years began in earnest Monday—an intermediate school at the site of the Burtsfield Gym that will house students from the current Happy Hollow Elementary School.

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Like many other places around the country, Purdue played host to protests in the wake of the 2016 presidential election.

These were peaceful demonstrations which ended with supporters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump shaking hands after airing their feelings.

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As enrollment drops in the state’s rural schools, educators are left with a big challenge – find money to teach the kids who remain.

Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Peter Balonon-Rosen takes us back to a small northern Indiana school district where administrators spent the final day of the academic year scrambling to figure out how they will manage when classes resume in the fall.    

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The number of people enrolled for health insurance from the public exchange is up this year. About 175,000 of those are Hoosiers. 

Sylvia Burwell says about 2 million more people are enrolled this year nationwide.

Burwell says about 8 million more people are enrolled this year nationwide.This number is from 6.4 million last year.

She says enrollment traffic jumped sharply last week.

"At our busiest period, we had 11 consumers enrolling every second," she says.

The deadline was extended to accommodate traffic.

A new state mandate could mean financial challenges for the Tippecanoe School Corporation.

The Indiana Department of Education now requires two yearly head counts of students for its funding calculation.

TSC financial officer Kim Fox says in the past, changes in enrollment from semester to semester have not had an impact on budgets.

Purdue enrollment experts are predicting a smarter group of incoming freshman for the fall.

Based on projections and compared to current first-year students, Dean of Admissions Pam Horne says this fall’s group will have a higher grade point average and tested better on the SAT or ACT exam.

“The combination of our alumni, of our partners across campus – it’s not just the Admissions Office - who reaches out to these students, lets them know what Purdue has for them in terms of not only our academic programs but our co-curricular offerings that really makes the difference.”

Undergrad, Freshman enrollment down at Purdue

Sep 10, 2012

S-A-T scores of first year Purdue students are up, but enrollment among these Boilermakers is down on the West Lafayette campus.

The incoming freshman scored an average of 18-points better than their peers last year on the standardized test.

But, there are about 400 fewer first year students.

Purdue Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs Dale Whittaker says he expects the decline to change over time.

Overall undergraduate enrollment also is down.

Summer enrollment increase for Ivy Tech-Lafayette

Jun 26, 2012
Ivy Tech

More students are taking classes at Ivy Tech-Lafayette this summer, compared to a year ago.

The community college campus reports an increase 2.3% this semester. That means 3,245 students are taking class in the Lafayette region.

The School of Health Sciences experienced the greatest growth from last summer with a 56.1% increase in the number of degree-seeking students.

Degree programs in general studies and business administration are seeing the highest summer enrollments. Business is the largest major study program in the Lafayette region.