Tom Sugar Facebook

Former Evan Bayh chief of staff Tom Sugar will not run for governor.

Sugar had been flirting with a bid for the Democratic nomination, to be centered on the issue of redistricting reform. Sugar founded the nonprofit Lead or Leave to campaign for independently drawn districts, and is serving on a legislative study committee reviewing the issue.

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Boone County Sheriff Mike Nielsen took to Facebook to vent about a dangerous intersection that’s getting heavy traffic as the official detour around a closed bridge on I-65 near Lafayette. His post was prompted by a fatal accident that killed a Lebanon woman Tuesday morning.

Nielsen wants the Indiana Department of Transportation to install a stoplight at the intersection of US-52 and State Road 47.

Lafayette Launches Facebook and Twitter

Mar 6, 2012

Lafayette hopes social media will help expand its presence.

The city launched both Facebook and Twitter pages Tuesday.

Project Manager Jennie Peterson says the goal is to keep all residents better informed of the city’s happenings, business opportunities, and events.

Information Technology Department Systems Analyst Patty Payne believes using these online tools will help connect with younger residents.

This is NPR: The Facebook Edition

Feb 9, 2012

NPR loves to tell stories—but those stories don't always come straight from the newsroom.

With the launch of our new Facebook page, This Is NPR, we invite public radio listeners and fans inside our walls at what's going on around NPR and its Member Stations. This is the story of public radio that won't be heard on the air.

Now that Facebook has filed to go public, there's a lot of reflection on how the social media site became the mammoth it is today. The site has gone through a lot of changes in its eight years. Remember when you had to have a college email address to join? Remember when you had to type "thefacebook.com"?

Engineers from Facebook, Twitter and other social media firms have launched an app that allows social searching on Google to become truly social. And they are calling it Don't Be Evil, a play on Google's fabled motto.